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Superannuation Funds Seeking to Appoint Nominee Directors (Part Two)

This is Part Two of a blog series discussing how superannuation funds are taking action on matters in the environment, social and governance space (ESG). This post discusses the position of nominee directors who are appointed by a third party, highlighting the issues that nominee directors may face in their role.

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Superannuation Funds Seeking to Appoint Nominee Directors (Part One)

Superannuation funds have become the dominant providers of investment capital in the Australian economy.  With a dominant position on the share registers of the top 200 companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the funds have begun to take a greater interest in the position of these companies. This post explores how they are particularly interested in Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) issues.

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Criminal Cartel Conduct in Australia

In this article, Dr. Stephen van der Mye at Bond University discusses cartel conduct in Australia, detailing its definition, legal consequences, and recent examples. It emphasises the harmful impact of cartels on markets and consumers, and provides guidance for businesses to avoid engaging in such illegal activities.

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So You Want To Be A Company Director?

In this post, Dr Stephen van der Mye shares his thoughts on the process of becoming a company director in Australia, highlighting some of the benefits and challenges.

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Business Failures in Australia: Causes and Considerations

The collapse of Godfreys Group in January 2024 reflects a broader trend of business insolvency in Australia, particularly among small to medium-sized enterprises. Amidst factors like COVID-19 fallout and interest rate hikes, cost of living pressures and supply chain disruptions, small and medium sized companies are facing a turbulent period. Directors and officers must navigate these stormy waters with vigilance and strategic foresight. Professional guidance becomes indispensable, offering insights into restructuring and insolvency laws. Bond University’s Enterprise Governance programs provide vital tools for navigating such periods of uncertainty.

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Rebuilding Trust In Enterprises

By Dr Stephen van der Mye, Honorary Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, Bond University What can an enterprise do when its stakeholders lose trust in …

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