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So You Want To Be A Company Director?

In this post, Dr Stephen van der Mye shares his thoughts on the process of becoming a company director in Australia, highlighting some of the benefits and challenges.

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Business Failures in Australia: Causes and Considerations

The collapse of Godfreys Group in January 2024 reflects a broader trend of business insolvency in Australia, particularly among small to medium-sized enterprises. Amidst factors like COVID-19 fallout and interest rate hikes, cost of living pressures and supply chain disruptions, small and medium sized companies are facing a turbulent period. Directors and officers must navigate these stormy waters with vigilance and strategic foresight. Professional guidance becomes indispensable, offering insights into restructuring and insolvency laws. Bond University’s Enterprise Governance programs provide vital tools for navigating such periods of uncertainty.

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Rebuilding Trust In Enterprises

By Dr Stephen van der Mye, Honorary Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, Bond University What can an enterprise do when its stakeholders lose trust in …

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Bond Law Academics Doing Their Part for Mental Health Awareness Month

It is Mental Health Awareness Month. The Centre for Professional Legal Education shares how Bond Law academics are doing their part in encouraging open conversations about mental health and fostering a culture of support.

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The Importance of Resilience

In his address at the Faculty of Law Executive Dean’s Awards Evening, Professor Nick James explores the profound significance of resilience in our lives and, more specifically, in the context of legal education and the legal profession. Drawing inspiration from his recent visit to Christchurch, a city that endured devastating earthquakes yet emerged stronger, Professor James highlights the importance of resilience and the idea of successfully adapting to life’s challenges.

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Breaking the Silence (Part 2):  Practical Strategies for Educators to Support Students with Social Anxiety

Following on from Part 1, this second post addresses what academics can do to best support socially anxious students. The post provides strategies for educators to adopt in the classroom and includes a downloadable guide for educators.

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