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The CPLE is proud to administer and support the Wellness Network for Law, a community of legal academics, practitioners and students who are committed to: first, addressing the high levels of psychological distress experienced in law; and second, promoting wellness at law school, in the legal academy, and in the profession.

Wellness for Law Forum 2022

Expert on lawyer well-being, Professor Larry Krieger, shares six critical steps to success and happiness in law. 

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Lawyer Wellbeing

Why This Law Teacher Undertook Mental Health First Aid Training

I have always been an advocate for mental health, having struggled with my own mental health issues for the last three decades. I make no secret of the fact that I struggle with mental health daily, and I encourage those around me, especially my students, to reach out to me if they are struggling with their own mental health.

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Lawyer Wellbeing

The Gender Pay Gap in Law

I have had and continue to have the privilege to work alongside many intelligent, experienced and hard-working women: as a legal practitioner, as an academic, and as an Executive Dean. And I have seen women who are much smarter than me, with more experience than me, and who work much harder than me somehow end up earning less money than me or holding less elevated positions in the corporate or institutional hierarchy.

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Lawyer Wellbeing

Impact of COVID: Perceptions of Wellbeing in Law Teachers in the UK and Australia

Teaching staff at Law Schools are increasingly being called on to design curriculum and pedagogy that will support student wellbeing. However, university staff themselves are facing workplace pressures as a result of constant change, uncertainty, the impact of neoliberalism – and now Covid-19.

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