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Introducing the Legal Research Hub

The idea: a platform for academics and legal professionals to discuss topical legal issues and share their respective insights, and offering opportunities to showcase current legal research. The format: a peer-reviewed online publication, and a podcast series with legal experts. From these aspirations, the Legal Research Hub was born.

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Climate change: How can law teachers help?

It has fallen upon the contemporary global community to work together to understand climate change, to address climate change, and to mitigate its consequences… And one of the most powerful tools we have is the law.

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The Digital Law: Law Student Visions For The Delivery of Legal Services

The business model of the traditional law firm is under threat by new, technology-driven market entrants. Some lawyers and law practices will become less useful, relevant and profitable because of these changes. Others will leverage technology to find new and creative ways to deliver legal services and deliver value, delight their clients and gain a competitive advantage.

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2020 Professional Legal Education Conference Recordings Now Available

Access 40 individual presentations on:
Being a Law Teacher
Inclusion, Feelings and Hope
Law and Art
Past, Present and Future
Teaching in the Digital Era
Teaching New Law Students
Teaching Professionalism
Teaching Responsibility
Teaching Skills
The Big Picture

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Impact of COVID: Perceptions of Wellbeing in Law Teachers in the UK and Australia

Teaching staff at Law Schools are increasingly being called on to design curriculum and pedagogy that will support student wellbeing. However, university staff themselves are facing workplace pressures as a result of constant change, uncertainty, the impact of neoliberalism – and now Covid-19.

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Law Students: We Need You to be Heroic Lawyers

The hero always prevails, and by the end of the journey, after all their struggles, they have been transformed into a different person, a better person, who finally returns home – sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally – having achieved their mission and committed to using their newfound skills and gifts to help others and heal the community… And make no mistake, the world needs heroic lawyers right now.

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